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Building frames

Every painting from the store was framed in our workshop using modern and most distinctive techniques with the best equipment. We are doing framing as a service so we can frame paintings, drawings, pictures, mirrors and any other stuff for you, everything you can imagine. You can pick up your favourite batten, cardboard or glass from our wide selection in our store or in the catalogue. Check out FAQ for more information.

Our battens are made of samba and ayos, african noble wood imported from Italy. This is the best wood in the area of building battens for painting frames because of steadiness and climate change resilience. According to that, our frames are long-lived and you dont have to change theme ever.

Batten model

Batten patern

Painting packaging

If you decide to buy some painting from the store and receive it by mail, it will be packaged in the best way to avoid an accident during transport. The box where the painthing would be placed was made by hand according to international shipping standards. Every box is made of 0.5 cm cardboard and every wall inside the box is coated with styrofoam. Cardboard and styrofoam are connected by using silicone and the box is also smeared with the adhesive tape. Every painting is coated with the plastic film before packaging which keeps the frame preserved. Every painting packed like this is hit resistant, temperature resistant and water resistant. Packaging price is calculated in the order if you choose the delivery option. Price depends of painting dimensions and spent material.

Pakovanje za transport

Cardboard and styrofoam for boxes

Safe shopping


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Mrtva priroda
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Valuable peaces

In our gallery you can find a few extraordinary peaces of art, done by great authors mostly from Balkan. If you are collecting paintings, this is the palce for you.


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