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When the Terms of Service are Implied?

The terms of usage are implied exclusively on buying articles and services on our web site,in other words, on buying in the online shop, and on paying articles in one of the offered ways. They can also be implied if you request sending a package by post after you have paid for it personally. By ordering an article, we will consider that you agree with the terms of usage.



All articles and services are owned by our company ART-AS d.o.o., which is also the owner of the web site We took all the photos of articles that are displayed on our site. We did not use photoshop in order to cover any possible defects. Although there can be a slight difference in colours between a painting and its photo due to the different quality of resolution of monitors, we put much effort to make photos look authentic.


Gallery AS guarantees that all the articles send by post will be delivered undamaged, as you saw them in the photos or in some of our selling places (exception are the paintings that you want to get framed or change the frame). We pack the articles exclusively for transport in order to prevent them from damaging. Gallery AS is not responsible for eventual loss of the package by a freight forwarding agency due to their negligence or in case of some unpredictable circumstances. In order to prevent the loss of money, you can insure your package. If some misfortune happens, you can contact us by phone or e-mail in order to arrange refund of your money, but ONLY if you have already insured the package.


The service 2checkout (, which is actually our mediator in payment, is responsible for the electronic transactions of money, in other words online payment. This service guarantees the safety of your vital data related to your credit cards, and it enables money transfers in the most modern ways (PayPal, Credit/Debit Card…). Your data from electronic cards will be used only in the moment of transferring the money, and they will be coded and processed via SSL channel that prevents reading them from the third person. In order to prevent illegal access to your data, the same will be destroyed immediately after the transaction. Gallery AS guarantees that we will not keep these data, apart from your basic personal data we are going to use in case we want to inform you about something related to the buying and processing an order (name, e-mail, phone number, address…). We also guarantee that these data will be available only to us and they will not be misused.



On our site you can order articles 24/7. You can order an article by putting it in a shopping cart and by the process of buying (leaving the information about delivery, choosing the way of paying etc.). Prices are in dinars (RSD) and euros (EUR). Gallery AS reserves the right to change the prices at any moment without previous announcement. Prices can not be changed only in case if articles have already been ordered (when the order is in a process).


When buying articles online you can insure your package by checking an offered insurance option. Insurance refers to the whole package, in other words, all articles in the shopping cart. The insurance cost will be added later in total price of the package (shopping cart). Before buying, we recommend you to read the instructions for buying.


Gallery AS provides several basic ways of paying you can choose when buying our articles and services.

  1. Payment in advance by payment order, transfer order and bank  transfer-in case you choose this way of paying, you have to pay total amount of pro forma invoice that you have received on your e-mail. You can make payment on our foreign currency account or current account (Current account: 265-1040310003724-41, Foreign currency account: 265-1000000267028-90, bank INTESA A.D .Belgrade). If you choose this way of paying, check the instruction for filling in a payment order here. For making payments on our foreign currency account, please check the payment instructions. We emphasize that your article will be sent after your payment has been recorded by the authorized person.
  2. Paying directly (online) by Credit/Debit card or via Pay Pal. In this case money is processed by the above mentioned 2Checkout (cards you can use are :Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Diner`s Club).
  3. Paying on delivery – this way of paying is possible only for orders which amount is up to 30.000 dinars or 300 €. You will pay the money directly to the company responsible for transfer of the package. We emphasize that this way of paying is possible only on the Serbian territory. If you do not satisfy one of the above mentioned requirements  related to the price or territory, buying will not be possible. If you change your mind, you have to return the package undamaged, otherwise we will lodge a complaint against you. For further information about returning  packages, read sections „The policy of returning“ and „Insurance“.


Gallery AS offers you delivery on any destination in the world. We arrange delivery in colaboration with the following companies:

  1. The Post Office of – national and international transport, air and standard means of transport to over 200 countries around the world.
  2. Post Express delivery service of Serbia, Serbian Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Maccedonia – standard means of transport.
  3. AKS Express delivery –Serbia and foreign countries- standard ways of  transport.
  4. DHL Worldwide Exspress delivery –international transport in more then 200 countries worldwide.
  5. FedEx Exspress delivery – international transport in more then 200 countries worldwide.

Personal take over in some of our selling places – you can come and take over ordered articles personally in some of our selling places, in case you pay in cash or you have already made payment in one of  the chosen ways. We will send you information   about details of buying on your e-mail on time.You can also choose this option during the buying itself. In this case, you can come to the gallery during working ours and take over the painting.



When you buy an article, you have to pay for it in 4 days period (except when you pay it online). Otherwise, order will be cancelled.

Gallery AS  reserves the right to reject your order if we find it unserious for any reason. In such case we will probably contact you by phone.

Total price of package depends on several factors. If you make an order on Serbian territory, we will make total price in this way:

Total price = price of ordered articles + wrapping + delivery + insurance(optional)

If you order articles from abroad, we will make total price in this way:

Total price = price of ordered articles + wrapping + delivery + export permit + insurance + duty

Gallery AS can not predict or have effect on the price of export duty and postage.

The price of postage can be calculated on sites of above mentioned delivery companies.

Gallery AS will not take responsibility for eventual mistakes made due to your lack of information (unraed terms of usage etc.). We reserve the rights to change the terms of usage without former announcement.

We deliver the authencity certificate only if you explicitely ask for that when ordering an article, and if the article is not a print of a famous painter.


If you want to return the package, it must be in the same condition when it comes to our address as it was when it was delivered to you. In case you return the package which you have damaged, you will have to cover the damages in an amount that we have estimated. If you do not obey these rules, Gallery AS reseves the rights to sue you(this refers to the paying on delivery. If you refuse to take the package because it is damaged, or you cause the damage yourself, we will consider it a fraud.)
In case you have received a damaged package, it is neccesary to contact us. If  you want to claim for damages, we can either return you the money according to the amount of invoice, or change the article with another one in aproximate price. This is possible only if we are liable for damages. In case that package has been damaged in transportation, we can refund your money only if the package has been insured. More about package insurance you can find on our site.
If the package has been damaged during the transportation, and you want to claim damages under your insurance policy, you must send the article on the address of our company ART AS d.o.o. Skadarska 27 street, 11000 Belgrade,Serbia, and you will have to pay the postage.You can also deliver the package personally to the same address.We will refund your money after we recompense ourselves from the insurance company. If Gallery AS pays the postage instead of you, refunded money will be decreased for the amount of postage.

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Mrtva priroda
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In our gallery you can find a few extraordinary peaces of art, done by great authors mostly from Balkan. If you are collecting paintings, this is the palce for you.


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